Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
SST::Statistics::AccumulatorAllows the online gathering of statistical information about a single quantity
SST::Statistics::AccumulatorStatistic< NumberBase >Allows the online gathering of statistical information about a single quantity
SST::ActionAn Action is a schedulable Activity which is not an Event
SST::ActivityBase class for all Activities in the SST Event Queue
SST::ActivityQueueBase Class for a queue of Activities
SST::ArchiveArchives are used for checkpoint/restart
BaseStatisticsForms the base class for statistics gathering within the SST core
SST::Core::Interprocess::CircularBuffer< T, A >Multi-process safe, Circular Buffer class
SST::ClockA Clock class
SST::ComponentMain component object for the simulation
SST::ConfigClass to contain SST Simulation Configuration variables
SST::ConfigComponentRepresents the configuration of a generic component
SST::ConfigGraphA Configuration Graph A graph representing Components and Links
SST::ConfigLinkRepresents the configuration of a generic Link
SST::ElementInfoComponentDescribes a Component and its associated information
SST::ElementInfoEventDescribes an Event
SST::ElementInfoGeneratorDescribes a Generator
SST::ElementInfoIntrospectorDescribes an Introspector
SST::ElementInfoModuleDescribes a Module
SST::ElementInfoParamDescribes Parameters to a Component
SST::ElementInfoPartitionerDescribes a Partitioner
SST::ElementInfoPortDescribes Ports that the Component can use
SST::ElementInfoStatisticDescribes Statistics used by a Component
SST::ElementLibraryInfoDescribes all the parts of the Element Library
SST::ElemLoaderClass to load Element Libraries
SST::EventBase class for Events - Items sent across links to communicate between components
SST::ExitExit Event Action
SST::FactoryClass for instantiating Components, Links and the like out of element libraries
SST::Interfaces::SimpleNetwork::Handler< classT, argT >Event Handler class with user-data argument
SST::Event::Handler< classT, argT >Event Handler class with user-data argument
SST::OneShot::Handler< classT, argT >Event Handler class with user-data argument
SST::Clock::Handler< classT, argT >Event Handler class with user-data argument
SST::Interfaces::SimpleMem::Handler< classT, argT >Event Handler class with user-data argument
SST::Interfaces::SimpleNetwork::Handler< classT, void >Event Handler class without user-data
SST::OneShot::Handler< classT, void >Event Handler class without user-data
SST::Event::Handler< classT, void >Event Handler class with no user-data
SST::Clock::Handler< classT, void >Event Handler class without user-data
SST::Interfaces::SimpleMem::Handler< classT, void >Event Handler class without user-data
SST::Interfaces::SimpleNetwork::HandlerBaseFunctor classes for handling of callbacks
SST::Event::HandlerBaseFunctor classes for Event handling
SST::OneShot::HandlerBaseFunctor classes for OneShot handling
SST::Clock::HandlerBaseFunctor classes for Clock handling
SST::Interfaces::SimpleMem::HandlerBaseFunctor classes for Clock handling
SST::Statistics::Histogram< HistoBinType, HistoCountType >Holder of data grouped into pre-determined width bins
SST::Statistics::HistogramStatistic< BinDataType >Holder of data grouped into pre-determined width bins
SST::InitQueueActivityQueue for use during the init() phase
SST::IntrospectedComponentMain component object for the simulation
SST::IntrospectorMain introspector object for the simulation
SST::Core::Interprocess::IPCTunnel< ShareDataType, MsgType >Tunneling class between two processes, connected by shared memory
SST::Statistics::is_type_same< typename, typename >
SST::Statistics::is_type_same< T, T >
SST::Activity::less_timeComparator class to use with STL container classes
SST::Activity::less_time_priorityComparator class to use with STL container classes
SST::LinkLink between two components
SST::LinkMapMaps port names to the Links that are connected to it
SST::LinkPairDefines a pair of links (to define a connected link)
SST::LoaderDataThis structure exists so that we don't need to have any libtool-specific code (and therefore need the libtool headers) in factory.h
SST::Interfaces::SimpleNetwork::MappingClass to hold network mappings
SST::RNG::MarsagliaRNGImplements a random number generator using the Marsaglia method
SST::Core::MemPoolSimple Memory Pool class
SST::RNG::MersenneRNGImplements a Mersenne-based RNG for use in the SST core or components
SST::ModuleModule is a tag class used with the loadModule function
SST::IntrospectedComponent::MonitorFunction< classT, returnT, argT >
SST::IntrospectedComponent::MonitorFunction< classT, returnT, void >
SST::IntrospectedComponent::MonitorPointer< ptrT, idxT >
SST::IntrospectedComponent::MonitorPointer< ptrT, void >
SST::Interfaces::SimpleNetwork::NetworkInspectorClass used to inspect network requests going through the network
SST::NullEventNull Event
SST::Statistics::NullStatistic< T >An empty statistic place holder
SST::OneShotA OneShot Event class
SST::OutputOutput object provides consistant method for outputing data to stdout, stderr and/or sst debug file
SST::ParamsParameter store
SST::PollingLinkQueueA link queue which is used for polling only
SST::Activity::pq_less_time_priorityTo use with STL priority queues, that order in reverse
SST::Interfaces::SimpleNetwork::RequestRepresents both network sends and receives
SST::Interfaces::SimpleMem::RequestRepresents both memory requests and responses
SST::SelfLinkSelf Links are links from a component to itself
SST::SharedRegionMergerUtility class to define how to merge multiple pieces of shared memory regions Useful in the multi-MPI-rank, "Global Shared" model
SST::Interfaces::SimpleMemSimplified, generic interface to Memory models
SST::Interfaces::SimpleNetworkGeneric network interface
SST::SimulationMain control class for a SST Simulation
SST::SimulationBaseThe Factory and TimeLord objects both should only be associated with a simulation object and never created on their own
SST::SimulatorHeartbeatAn optional heartbeat to show progress in a simulation
SST::SparseVectorMap< keyT, classT >
SST::SparseVectorMap< keyT, keyT >
SST::RNG::SSTConstantDistributionImplements a distribution which always returns a constant value (provided by the user)
SST::RNG::SSTDiscreteDistributionCreates a discrete distribution for use within SST
SST::RNG::SSTExponentialDistributionCreates an exponential distribution for use within SST
SST::RNG::SSTGaussianDistributionCreates a Gaussian (normal) distribution for which to sample
SST::SSTInfoConfigThe SSTInfo Configuration class
SST::SSTInfoElement_ComponentInfoThe SSTInfo representation of ElementInfoComponent object
SST::SSTInfoElement_EventInfoThe SSTInfo representation of ElementInfoEvent object
SST::SSTInfoElement_GeneratorInfoThe SSTInfo representation of ElementInfoGenerator object
SST::SSTInfoElement_IntrospectorInfoThe SSTInfo representation of ElementInfoIntrospector object
SST::SSTInfoElement_LibraryInfoThe SSTInfo representation of ElementLibraryInfo object
SST::SSTInfoElement_ModuleInfoThe SSTInfo representation of ElementInfoModule object
SST::SSTInfoElement_ParamInfoThe SSTInfo representation of ElementInfoParam object
SST::SSTInfoElement_PartitionerInfoThe SSTInfo representation of ElementInfoPartitioner object
SST::SSTInfoElement_PortInfoThe SSTInfo representation of ElementInfoPort object
SST::SSTInfoElement_StatisticInfoThe SSTInfo representation of ElementInfoPort object
SST::SSTInfoElement_SubComponentInfoThe SSTInfo representation of ElementInfoSubComponent object
SST::Partition::SSTLinearPartitionPerforms a linear partition scheme of an SST simulation configuration
SST::SSTModelDescriptionBase class for Model Generation
SST::Partition::SSTPartitionerBase class for Partitioning graphs
SST::RNG::SSTPoissonDistributionCreates an Poisson distribution for use within SST
SST::RNG::SSTRandomImplements the base class for random number generators for the SST core
SST::RNG::SSTRandomDistributionBase class of statistical distributions in SST
SST::Partition::SSTSelfPartitionSelf partitioner actually does nothing
SST::Partition::SSTSinglePartitionSingle partitioner is a virtual partitioner used for serial jobs
SST::RNG::SSTUniformDistributionCreates a Uniform distribution for use within SST
SST::Statistics::Statistic< T >Forms the template defined base class for statistics gathering within SST
SST::Statistics::StatisticBaseForms the base class for statistics gathering within SST
SST::Statistics::StatisticFieldInfoThe class for representing Statistic Output Fields
SST::Statistics::StatisticOutputForms the base class for statistics output generation within the SST core
SST::Statistics::StatisticOutputConsoleThe class for statistics output to the console
SST::Statistics::StatisticOutputCSVThe class for statistics output to a comma separated file
SST::Statistics::StatisticOutputTxtThe class for statistics output to a text file
SST::Statistics::StatisticProcessingEngineAn SST core component that handles timing and event processing informing all registered Statistics to generate their outputs at desired rates
SST::StopActionAction which causes the Simulation to end
SST::Interfaces::StringEventSimple event to pass strings between components
SST::SubComponentSubComponent is a class loadable through the factory which allows dynamic functionality to be added to a Component
SST::SyncBaseSyncBase defines the API for Sync objects, which are used to synchronize between MPI ranks in a simulation
SST::SyncQueueInternal API
SST::Interfaces::TestEventTest Event Useful for early-testing of components
SST::TimeConverterA class to convert between a component's view of time and the core's view of time
SST::TimeLordClass for creating and managing TimeConverter objects
SST::TimeVortexPrimary Event Queue
SST::UninitializedQueueAlways unitialized queue
SST::Statistics::UniqueCountStatistic< T >Creates a Statistic which counts unique values provided to it
SST::UnitAlgebraPerforms Unit math in full precision
SST::UnitsHelper class internal to UnitAlgebra
SST::RNG::XORShiftRNGImplements a lightweight RNG based on XOR-shift operations

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