SST::TimeLord Class Reference

Class for creating and managing TimeConverter objects. More...

#include <timeLord.h>

Public Member Functions

TimeConvertergetTimeConverter (std::string ts)
 Create a new TimeConverter object using specified SI Units.
TimeConvertergetTimeConverter (const UnitAlgebra &ts)
 Create a new TimeConverter object using the specified units.
SimTime_t getSimCycles (std::string timeString, std::string where)
 Not a Public API.
UnitAlgebra getTimeBase () const
 Return the Time Base of the TimeLord.
TimeConvertergetNano ()
 Return a TimeConverter which represents Nanoseconds.
TimeConvertergetMicro ()
 Return a TimeConverter which represents Microseconds.
TimeConvertergetMilli ()
 Return a TimeConverter which represents Milliseconds.


class SST::SimulationBase
class boost::serialization::access

Detailed Description

Class for creating and managing TimeConverter objects.

Member Function Documentation

SimTime_t SST::TimeLord::getSimCycles ( std::string  timeString,
std::string  where 

Not a Public API.

Returns the number of raw simulation cycles given by a specified time string

References SST::TimeConverter::getFactor(), and getTimeConverter().

Referenced by SST::Link::addRecvLatency(), and SST::Simulation::setStopAtCycle().

TimeConverter * SST::TimeLord::getTimeConverter ( const UnitAlgebra ts  ) 
TimeConverter * SST::TimeLord::getTimeConverter ( std::string  ts  ) 

Create a new TimeConverter object using specified SI Units.

For example, "1 Ghz" (1 Gigahertz), "2.5 ns" (2.5 nanoseconds).

ts String indicating the base unit for this object. The string should be a floating point number followed by a prefix, and then frequency (i.e. Hz) or time unit (s). Allowable seconds prefixes are: 'f' (fempto), 'p' (pico), 'n' (nano), 'u' (micro), 'm' (milli). Allowable frequency prefixes are 'k' (kilo), 'M' (mega), and 'G' (giga).

Referenced by getSimCycles(), getTimeConverter(), SST::SimulationBase::minPartToTC(), SST::Simulation::registerClock(), and SST::Component::registerTimeBase().

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