SST::ConfigGraph Class Reference

A Configuration Graph A graph representing Components and Links. More...

#include <configGraph.h>

Public Member Functions

void print (std::ostream &os) const
 Print the configuration graph.
size_t getNumComponents ()
void setComponentRanks (int rank)
 Helper function to set all the ranks to the same value.
bool containsComponentInRank (int rank)
 Checks to see if rank contains at least one component.
bool checkRanks (int ranks)
 Verify that all components have valid Ranks assigned.
ComponentId_t addComponent (std::string name, std::string type, float weight, int rank)
 Create a new component with weight and rank.
ComponentId_t addComponent (std::string name, std::string type)
 Create a new component.
void setComponentRank (ComponentId_t comp_id, int rank)
 Set on which rank a Component will exist (partitioning).
void setComponentWeight (ComponentId_t comp_id, float weight)
 Set the weight of a Component (partitioning).
void addParams (ComponentId_t comp_id, Params &p)
 Add a set of Parameters to a component.
void addParameter (ComponentId_t comp_id, std::string key, std::string value, bool overwrite=false)
 Add a single parameter to a component.
void setStatisticOutput (const char *name)
 Set the statistic ouput module.
void addStatisticOutputParameter (const char *param, const char *value)
 Add parameter to the statistic output module.
void setStatisticOutputParams (Params &p)
 Set a set of parameter to the statistic output module.
void setStatisticLoadLevel (uint8_t loadLevel)
 Set the statistic system load level.
void enableComponentStatistic (ComponentId_t comp_id, std::string statisticName)
 Enable a Statistics assigned to a component.
void enableStatisticForComponentName (std::string ComponentName, std::string statisticName)
void enableStatisticForComponentType (std::string ComponentType, std::string statisticName)
void addComponentStatisticParameter (ComponentId_t comp_id, std::string statisticName, const char *param, const char *value)
 Add Parameters for a Statistic.
void addStatisticParameterForComponentName (std::string ComponentName, std::string statisticName, const char *param, const char *value)
void addStatisticParameterForComponentType (std::string ComponentType, std::string statisticName, const char *param, const char *value)
std::string & getStatOutput ()
ParamsgetStatOutputParams ()
long getStatLoadLevel ()
void addLink (ComponentId_t comp_id, std::string link_name, std::string port, std::string latency_str, bool no_cut=false)
 Add a Link to a Component on a given Port.
ComponentId_t addIntrospector (std::string name, std::string type)
 Create a new Introspector.
bool checkForStructuralErrors ()
 Check the graph for Structural errors.
ConfigComponentMap_tgetComponentMap ()
 Return the map of components.
ConfigLinkMap_tgetLinkMap ()
 Return the map of links.
ConfigGraphgetSubGraph (int start_rank, int end_rank)
ConfigGraphgetSubGraph (const std::set< int > &rank_set)
PartitionGraphgetPartitionGraph ()
PartitionGraphgetCollapsedPartitionGraph ()
void annotateRanks (PartitionGraph *graph)
void getConnectedNoCutComps (ComponentId_t start, ComponentIdMap_t &group)


class Simulation
class SSTSDLModelDefinition
class boost::serialization::access

Detailed Description

A Configuration Graph A graph representing Components and Links.

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