SST::Statistics::HistogramStatistic< BinDataType > Class Template Reference

Holder of data grouped into pre-determined width bins. More...

#include <stathistogram.h>

Inheritance diagram for SST::Statistics::HistogramStatistic< BinDataType >:
SST::Statistics::Statistic< BinDataType > SST::Statistics::StatisticBase

Protected Member Functions

void addData_impl (BinDataType value)
 Adds a new value to the histogram.


class SST::Simulation
class boost::serialization::access

Detailed Description

template<class BinDataType>
class SST::Statistics::HistogramStatistic< BinDataType >

Holder of data grouped into pre-determined width bins.

Template Parameters:
BinDataType is the type of the data held in each bin (i.e. what data type described the width of the bin)

Member Function Documentation

template<class BinDataType>
void SST::Statistics::HistogramStatistic< BinDataType >::addData_impl ( BinDataType  value  )  [inline, protected, virtual]

Adds a new value to the histogram.

The correct bin is identified and then incremented. If no bin can be found to hold the value then a new bin is created.

Implements SST::Statistics::Statistic< BinDataType >.

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