SST::Clock Class Reference

A Clock class. More...

#include <clock.h>

Inheritance diagram for SST::Clock:
SST::Action SST::Activity

Data Structures

class  Handler
 Event Handler class with user-data argument. More...
class  Handler< classT, void >
 Event Handler class without user-data. More...
class  HandlerBase
 Functor classes for Clock handling. More...

Public Member Functions

 Clock (TimeConverter *period, int priority=CLOCKPRIORITY)
 Create a new clock with a specified period.
void schedule ()
 Activates this clock object, by inserting into the simulation's timeVortex for future execution.
Cycle_t getNextCycle ()
 Return the time of the next clock tick.
bool registerHandler (Clock::HandlerBase *handler)
 Add a handler to be called on this clock's tick.
bool unregisterHandler (Clock::HandlerBase *handler, bool &empty)
 Remove a handler from the list of handlers to be called on the clock tick.
void print (const std::string &header, Output &out) const
 Generic print-print function for this Activity.


class boost::serialization::access

Detailed Description

A Clock class.

Calls callback functions (handlers) on a specified period

Member Function Documentation

void SST::Clock::print ( const std::string &  header,
Output out 
) const [virtual]

Generic print-print function for this Activity.

Subclasses should override this function.

Reimplemented from SST::Action.

References SST::Activity::getDeliveryTime(), SST::TimeConverter::getFactor(), SST::Activity::getPriority(), and SST::Output::output().

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