SST::Clock::Handler< classT, argT > Class Template Reference

Event Handler class with user-data argument. More...

#include <clock.h>

Inheritance diagram for SST::Clock::Handler< classT, argT >:

Public Member Functions

 Handler (classT *const object, PtrMember member, argT data)
bool operator() (Cycle_t cycle)
 Function called when Handler is invoked.

Detailed Description

template<typename classT, typename argT = void>
class SST::Clock::Handler< classT, argT >

Event Handler class with user-data argument.

Template Parameters:
classT Type of the Object
argT Type of the argument

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename classT , typename argT = void>
SST::Clock::Handler< classT, argT >::Handler ( classT *const   object,
PtrMember  member,
argT  data 
) [inline]


object - Pointer to Object upon which to call the handler
member - Member function to call as the handler
data - Additional argument to pass to handler

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