SST::SyncD Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for SST::SyncD:
SST::SyncBase SST::Action SST::Activity

Data Structures

struct  comm_pair

Public Member Functions

 SyncD ()
 Create a new Sync object which fires with a specified period.
ActivityQueueregisterLink (int rank, LinkId_t link_id, Link *link)
 Register a Link which this Sync Object is responsible for.
void execute (void)
 Function which will be called when the time for this Activity comes to pass.
int exchangeLinkInitData (int msg_count)
 Cause an exchange of Initialization Data to occur.
void finalizeLinkConfigurations ()
 Finish link configuration.
uint64_t getDataSize () const


class boost::serialization::access

Member Function Documentation

void SST::SyncD::execute ( void   )  [virtual]

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