SST::NullEvent Class Reference

Null Event. More...

#include <event.h>

Inheritance diagram for SST::NullEvent:
SST::Event SST::Activity

Public Member Functions

void execute (void)
 Cause this event to fire.
virtual void print (const std::string &header, Output &out) const
 Virtual function to "pretty-print" this event.


class boost::serialization::access

Detailed Description

Null Event.

Does nothing.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void SST::NullEvent::print ( const std::string &  header,
Output out 
) const [inline, virtual]

Virtual function to "pretty-print" this event.

Should be implemented by subclasses.

Reimplemented from SST::Event.

References SST::Activity::getDeliveryTime(), SST::Activity::getPriority(), and SST::Output::output().

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