SST::ConfigLink Class Reference

Represents the configuration of a generic Link. More...

#include <configGraph.h>

Public Member Functions

LinkId_t key () const
SimTime_t getMinLatency () const
 Return the minimum latency of this link (from both sides).
void print (std::ostream &os) const
 Print the Link information.

Data Fields

LinkId_t id
std::string name
ComponentId_t component [2]
std::string port [2]
SimTime_t latency [2]
int current_ref
bool no_cut


class ConfigGraph
class boost::serialization::access

Detailed Description

Represents the configuration of a generic Link.

Field Documentation

ComponentId_t SST::ConfigLink::component[2]

IDs of the connected components

Referenced by SST::ConfigGraph::checkForStructuralErrors(), SST::Simulation::performWireUp(), and print().

Number of components currently referring to this Link

ID of this link

Referenced by SST::Simulation::performWireUp().

Latency from each side

Referenced by getMinLatency(), SST::Simulation::performWireUp(), and print().

std::string SST::ConfigLink::name

Name of this link

Referenced by SST::ConfigGraph::checkForStructuralErrors(), and print().

If set to true, partitioner will not make a cut through this Link

std::string SST::ConfigLink::port[2]

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