SST::Partition::SimplePartitioner Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 SimplePartitioner (int total_ranks)
void performPartition (PartitionGraph *graph)
 Function to be overriden by subclasses.
bool requiresConfigGraph ()
bool spawnOnAllRanks ()

Static Public Member Functions

static SSTPartitionerallocate (int total_ranks, int my_rank, int verbosity)

Member Function Documentation

void SST::Partition::SimplePartitioner::performPartition ( PartitionGraph graph  )  [virtual]

Function to be overriden by subclasses.

Performs the partitioning of the Graph using the PartitionGraph object.

Result of this function is that every ConfigComponent in graph has a Rank applied to it.

Reimplemented from SST::Partition::SSTPartitioner.

References SST::PartitionLink::getMinLatency().

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