SST::ElemLoader Class Reference

Class to load Element Libraries. More...

#include <elemLoader.h>

Public Member Functions

 ElemLoader (const std::string &searchPaths)
 Create a new ElementLoader with a given searchpath of directories.
const ElementLibraryInfoloadLibrary (const std::string &elemlib, bool showErrors)
 Attempt to load a library.

Detailed Description

Class to load Element Libraries.

Member Function Documentation

const ElementLibraryInfo * SST::ElemLoader::loadLibrary ( const std::string &  elemlib,
bool  showErrors 

Attempt to load a library.

elemlib - The name of the Element Library to load
showErrors - Print errors associated with attempting to find and load the library
Informational structure of the library, or NULL if it failed to load.

References SST::LoaderData::advise_handle.

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