SST::SSTInfoElement_IntrospectorInfo Class Reference

The SSTInfo representation of ElementInfoIntrospector object. More...

#include <sstinfo.h>

Public Member Functions

 SSTInfoElement_IntrospectorInfo (const ElementInfoIntrospector *eli)
 Create a new SSTInfoElement_IntrospectorInfo object.
const char * getName ()
 Return the Name of the Introspector.
const char * getDesc ()
 Return the Description of the Introspector.
SSTInfoElement_ParamInfogetParamInfo (int index)
 Return a Parameter Info Object.
void outputIntrospectorInfo (int Index)
 Output the Introspector Information.
void generateIntrospectorInfoXMLData (int Index, TiXmlNode *XMLParentElement)
 Create the formatted XML data of the Introspector.

Detailed Description

The SSTInfo representation of ElementInfoIntrospector object.

This class is used internally by SSTInfo to load and process ElementInfoIntrospector objects.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SST::SSTInfoElement_IntrospectorInfo::SSTInfoElement_IntrospectorInfo ( const ElementInfoIntrospector eli  )  [inline]

Create a new SSTInfoElement_IntrospectorInfo object.

eli Pointer to an ElementInfoIntrospector object.

References SST::ElementInfoIntrospector::params.

Member Function Documentation

void SSTInfoElement_IntrospectorInfo::generateIntrospectorInfoXMLData ( int  Index,
TiXmlNode *  XMLParentElement 

Create the formatted XML data of the Introspector.

Index The Index of the Introspector.
XMLParentElement The parent element to receive the XML data.

References SST::SSTInfoElement_ParamInfo::generateParameterInfoXMLData(), getDesc(), getName(), and getParamInfo().

Referenced by SST::SSTInfoElement_LibraryInfo::generateLibraryInfoXMLData().

const char* SST::SSTInfoElement_IntrospectorInfo::getDesc (  )  [inline]
const char* SST::SSTInfoElement_IntrospectorInfo::getName (  )  [inline]
SSTInfoElement_ParamInfo* SST::SSTInfoElement_IntrospectorInfo::getParamInfo ( int  index  )  [inline]

Return a Parameter Info Object.

index The index of the Parameter.

Referenced by generateIntrospectorInfoXMLData(), and outputIntrospectorInfo().

void SSTInfoElement_IntrospectorInfo::outputIntrospectorInfo ( int  Index  ) 

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