SST::Statistics::StatisticFieldInfo Class Reference

The class for representing Statistic Output Fields. More...

#include <statfieldinfo.h>

Public Types

enum  fieldType_t {

Supported Field Types.

typedef int32_t fieldHandle_t

Public Member Functions

 StatisticFieldInfo (const char *statName, const char *fieldName, fieldType_t fieldType)
 Construct a StatisticFieldInfo.
const std::string & getStatName () const
 Return the statistic name related to this field info.
const std::string & getFieldName () const
 Return the field name related to this field info.
fieldType_t getFieldType () const
 Return the field type related to this field info.
std::string getFieldUniqueName () const
 Return the field type related to this field info.
bool operator== (StatisticFieldInfo &FieldInfo1)
 Compare two field info structures.
void setFieldHandle (fieldHandle_t handle)
 Set the field handle.
fieldHandle_t getFieldHandle ()
 Get the field handle.

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * getFieldTypeShortName (fieldType_t type)
static const char * getFieldTypeFullName (fieldType_t type)
template<typename T >
static const fieldType_t getFieldTypeFromTemplate ()


class boost::serialization::access

Detailed Description

The class for representing Statistic Output Fields.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SST::Statistics::StatisticFieldInfo::StatisticFieldInfo ( const char *  statName,
const char *  fieldName,
fieldType_t  fieldType 

Construct a StatisticFieldInfo.

statName - Name of the statistic registering this field.
fieldName - Name of the Field to be assigned.
fieldType - Data type of the field.

Member Function Documentation

fieldHandle_t SST::Statistics::StatisticFieldInfo::getFieldHandle (  )  [inline]

Get the field handle.

The assigned field handle.
bool SST::Statistics::StatisticFieldInfo::operator== ( StatisticFieldInfo FieldInfo1  ) 

Compare two field info structures.

FieldInfo1 - a FieldInfo to compare against.
True if the Field Info structures are the same.

References getFieldName(), and getFieldType().

void SST::Statistics::StatisticFieldInfo::setFieldHandle ( fieldHandle_t  handle  )  [inline]

Set the field handle.

handle - The assigned field handle for this FieldInfo

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