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Prospero is a trace-based core model. The core models memory instructions only. Multiple Prospero cores can be used in the same simulation, each running independent trace files, to model a multicore architecture. A Pintool for collecting traces from x86 binaries is included. Prospero interfaces with memory via the SST::StandardMem interface.

At a Glance

Source Code: sst-elements/.../prospero  
SST Name: prospero  
Maturity Level: Prototype (2)  
Development Path: Active  
Last Released: SST 13.1

Required dependencies: None

Optional dependencies: None

  • Pin If available, the included Pintool can be used to generate a trace for simulation, otherwise a trace must be acquired separately.
  • zlib Enables reading and/or generating a compressed execution trace

Trace Format


Each line of a text trace represents a separate memory access. The format is cycles type address length where:

  • cycles Minimum cycle count at which the request can be issued
  • type R (read) or W (write). Not case-sensitive.
  • address Memory address
  • length Number of bytes to read or write


Each record in a binary trace consists of the same four fields as the text trace, except that they are represented as a byte array (char*). There is no separator between records and the size of each field is:

  • cycles uint64_t
  • type char
  • address uint64_t
  • length uint32_t


If zlib is available, use of compressed text or binary traces is supported.