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The macro software package provides a simulator for large-scale parallel computer architectures. It permits the coarse-grained study of distributed-memory applications. The simulator is driven from either a trace file or skeleton application. The simulator architecture is modular, allowing it to easily be extended with additional network models, trace file formats, software services, and processor models. Macro originated as a standalone simulation infrastructure but it also inter-operates with the SST-Core. Work is underway to port some of macro's key functionality into the mercury element for more flexible use with other element libraries.

At a Glance

Source Code: sst-macro  
SST Name: macro  
Maturity Level: Mature (3)  
Development Path: Maintenance  
Last Released: SST 13.1

Required dependencies


Optional dependencies

  • OTF2 Version 2.0 or later, to support OTF2 trace replay
  • VTK Version 8.1 or later, for creating Exodus files for traffic visualization
  • Paraview Version 5.0 or later, for visualizing Exodus files
  • Doxygen For source code documentation
  • Graphviz For source code documentaiton
  • KCacheGrind or QCacheGrind For displaying call graphs
  • Clang development libraries To enable SST source-to-source compiler

Additional Documentation

Macro includes user and developer guides.