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Many community SST developers maintain additional element libraries and tools. We've collected a list of them here.

Element Libraries


BE-SST is a coarse-grained parallel discrete-event simulator, developed at the PSAAP II Center for Compressible Multiphase Turbulence at the University of Florida, used for system-level modeling and simulation of existing and notional HPC systems.


The Rev SST component is designed to provide cycle-based simulation capabilities of an arbitrary RISC-V core or cores.


STONNE is a cycle-level microarchitectural simulator for flexible DNN inference accelerators. STONNE models all the major components required to build next-generation flexible DNN accelerators like MAERI or SIGMA. All the on-chip components are interconnected by using a three-tier network fabric composed of a Distribution Network(DN), a Multiplier Network (MN), and a Reduce Network(RN), inspired by the taxonomy of on-chip communication flows within DNN accelerators. STONNE has been integrated as a component called sstStonne in SST. sstStonne connects to memHierarchy component to faithfully model the memory hierarchy of the accelerator. The STONNE-MemHierarchy integration allows to run four main operations: CONVOLUTION, GEMM (Dense matrix multiplication), sparse-sparse GEMM operation where the matrices are encoded using a bitmat format, and sparse-dense matrix multiplication (spMM) where the sparse matrix in encoded in CSR format. The simulator is configurable to support different architectural parameters and different memory hiearchy organizations. Basic installation/usage instructions can be found in the additional external elements section of the current SST release documentation.


AHP Graphs for SST

Attributed Hierarchical Port Graphs for SST.


Build scripts for SST containers.


A debug library for SST components.


A web-based viz tool.


Have an SST element, tool, or other resource to share? Fork the sst-docs repository and submit a pull request to add it. Requests should:

  • Include a link to the resource
  • Include a short description
  • Be added to the list in alphabetical order by resource name