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void sst_assert(bool condition, uint32_t line, const char* file, const char* func, 
int exit_code, const char* format, ...) const __attribute__((format(printf, 6, 7)));

Availability: Component, SubComponent, ComponentExtension

Convenience function for testing and reporting fatal error conditions. If the condition holds, fatal() will be called.


  • condition (bool) Condition on which to call fatal() if false
  • line (uint32_t) Line number of calling function (use CALL_INFO macro)
  • file (char*) File name of calling function (use CALL_INFO macro)
  • func (char*) Name of function that called fatal (use CALL_INFO macro)
  • exit_code (int) Exit code to terminate with. This will be passed to MPI_Abort().
  • format (string) Format string for error message. All valid formats for printf() are available.
  • ... (Variable) Arguments for format
  • returns None


sst_assert(fatal_error_condition, CALL_INFO, -1, "Error, something terrible happened to component %s.\n", 
#include <sst/core/component.h> // or
#include <sst/core/subcomponent.h> // or
#include <sst/core/componentExtension.h>