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A ComponentExtension is a class that shares ELI with a Component. It can be useful when it is convenient to divide a Component class into separate classes but the additional classes do not need to be dynamically loadable or otherwise available to SST users. A ComponentExtension has access to the SST simulation via the Component it is loaded into. In parallel simulations, a ComponentExtension is always co-located with its Component.


Excerpt from sst-elements/src/sst/elements/memHierarchy/mshr.h
#include <sst/core/componentextension.h>

/* The MSHR is really just a buffer that a cache uses but it is useful to be able to access
* some of the simulation time functions available to components. We could make this a subcomponent
* but it doesn't need to be available to users to swap dynamically.
class MSHR : public SST::ComponentExtension
// No ELI needed

// id is passed automatically by SST when loaded, the rest of the args are provided by the Component
// that loads this extension
MSHR(ComponentId_t id, Output* dbg, int maxSize, std::string cacheName, std::set<Addr> debugAddr);
virtual ~MSHR() {}

int getMaxSize();
int getSize();

/* Rest of class here */

Excerpt from sst-elements/src/sst/elements/memHierarchy/
#include <sst_config.h>
#include "mshr.h"

MSHR::MSHR(ComponentId_t id, Output* debug, int maxSize, string cacheName, std::set<Addr> debugAddr) :
/* Constructor here */

/* Rest of functions defined here */

#include <sst/core/componentExtension.h>