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A Component is the basic unit of simulation in SST. Components communicate with other components via SST Events sent over SST links. Components can load SubComponents and ComponentExtensions for additional functionality.


#include <sst/core/component.h>
#include <sst/core/link.h>

class basicSimLifeCycle : public SST::Component {

/** ELI removed for brevity, would be here **/

basicSimLifeCycle(SST::ComponentId_t id, SST::Params& params);

/** Other public functions here */

// Parameters
unsigned eventsToSend;

// Component state
unsigned eventsReceived; // Number of events we've received
unsigned eventsForwarded; // Number of events we've forwarded
unsigned eventsSent; // Number of events we've sent (initiated)
std::set<std::string> neighbors; // Set of all neighbors on the ring
std::set<std::string>::iterator iter; // Next component to send to in the eventRequests map

// Additional state reported during finish
std::string leftMsg, rightMsg;

// SST Output object, for printing, error messages, etc.
SST::Output* out;

// Links
SST::Link* leftLink;
SST::Link* rightLink;
#include "sst_config.h"
#include "basicSimLifeCycle.h"

basicSimLifeCycle::basicSimLifeCycle(ComponentId_t, Params& params) : Component(id) {
out = new Output("", 1, 0, Output::STDOUT);

// Get parameter from the Python input
bool found;
eventsToSend = params.find<unsigned>("eventsToSend", 0, found);

if (!found) {
out->fatal(CALL_INFO, -1, "Error in %s: the input did not specify 'eventsToSend' parameter\n", getName().c_str());

// configure our links with a callback function that will be called whenever an event arrives
leftLink = configureLink("left", new Event::Handler2<basicSimLifeCycle,&basicSimLifeCycle::handleEvent>(this));
rightLink = configureLink("right", new Event::Handler2<basicSimLifeCycle,&basicSimLifeCycle::handleEvent>(this));

// Make sure we successfully configured the links
// Failure usually means the user didn't connect the port in the input file
sst_assert(leftLink, CALL_INFO, -1, "Error in %s: Left link configuration failed\n", getName().c_str());
sst_assert(rightLink, CALL_INFO, -1, "Error in %s: Right link configuration failed\n", getName().c_str());

// Register as primary and prevent simulation end until we've received all the events we need

// Initialize our variables that count events
eventsReceived = 0;
eventsForwarded = 0;
eventsSent = 0;

/* Rest of functions here */
#include <sst/core/component.h>