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void fatal(uint32_t line, const char* file, const char* func, int exit_code, const char* format, ...) const __attribute__((format(printf, 6, 7)));

Availability: Component, SubComponent, ComponentExtension

Convenience function for reporting fatal error conditions. The function creates a new Output() object and calls fatal() using the supplied parameters. Before calling fatal(), the function will also print information about the (sub)component that called fatal as well as general simulation state.


  • line (uint32_t) Line number of calling function (use CALL_INFO macro)
  • file (char*) File name of calling function (use CALL_INFO macro)
  • func (char*) Name of function that called fatal (use CALL_INFO macro)
  • exit_code (int) Exit code to terminate with. This will be passed to MPI_Abort().
  • format (string) Format string for error message. All valid formats for printf() are available.
  • ... (Variable) Arguments for format
  • returns None


if (fatal_error_condition)
fatal(CALL_INFO, -1, "Error, something terrible happened to component %s.\n", getName().c_str());
#include <sst/core/component.h> // or
#include <sst/core/subcomponent.h> // or
#include <sst/core/componentExtension.h>