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std::string& getOutputDirectory() const;

Availability: Component, SubComponent, ComponentExtension

The user can ask SST to place output in a specific directory. This call returns that directory, enabling (sub)components to place their outputs in the directory as well.


  • returns (string) Directory in which simulation outputs should be placed. An empty string indicates no directory was requested by the user.


#include <sst/core/component.h>

// Build a filename for this component's outputs
std::string filename = getName() + "_output.txt";
std::string directory = getOutputDirectory();
if (directory != "")
filename = directory + "/" + filename;
// Result is <OUTPUT_DIR>/<COMPONENT_NAME>_output.txt
#include <sst/core/component.h> // or
#include <sst/core/subcomponent.h> // or
#include <sst/core/componentExtension.h>