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template <class T, class... ARGS>
T* loadUserSubComponent(const std::string& slot_name, uint64_t share_flags, ARGS... args);

Availability: Component, SubComponent, ComponentExtension

Load a User-defined SST SubComponent, that is, one that was defined in the simulation configuration file.


  • slot_name (string) Name of the slot to load into
  • slot_num (int) Index in the slot to load into
  • share_flags (uint64_t) SST flags that indicate how statistics, ports, and other ELI properties should be shared between parent (Sub)Component and child SubComponent
  • args (ARGS) Additional SubComponent API-specific arguments for the SubComponent's constructor
  • returns (bool) A pointer to the newly-created SubComponent


Excerpt from sst-elements/src/sst/elements/miranda/
RequestGenCPU::RequestGenCPU(ComponentId_t id, Params& params) : Component(id) {
/** Configuration here */

// Load a StandardMem memory interface to translate our memory requests for the attached memory subsystem
cache_link = loadUserSubComponent<SST::Interfaces::StandardMem>("memory", ComponentInfo::SHARE_NONE,
timeConverter, new Interfaces::StandardMem::Handler<RequestGenCPU>(this, &RequestGenCPU::handleEvent));

/** Rest of configuration here */
#include <sst/core/component.h> // or
#include <sst/core/subcomponent.h> // or
#include <sst/core/componentExtension.h>