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The simpleElementExample library contains a number of example Components, SubComponents and other SST library members that demonstrate various aspects of SST, both from a user and developer standpoint.

The examples are broken into several categories:

  • Example - these are basic starting examples for users to see what a component looks like and how to run a simulation
  • Basic - these demonstrate "basic" features of SST, including clocks, event handling, and statistics
  • Intermediate - these demonstrate "intermediate" features of SST such as ELI inheritance
  • Advanced - these demonstrate "advanced" features of SST

A README in the element directory (sst-elements/src/sst/elements/simpleElementExample) describes the available examples and what use cases they demonstrate. Each example has one or more associated python input files in the simpleElementExample/tests directory. A comment at the top of each input file describes the example, identifies files (test, output, implementation) associated with the example, and describes expected output from running the file. Header files also have a detailed comment describing each implementation.

At a Glance

Source Code: sst-elements/.../simpleElementExample  
SST Name: simpleElementExample  
Maturity Level: Mature (3)  
Development Path: Active  
Last Released: SST 13.1

Required dependencies


Optional dependencies


Getting Started

The first two examples in the SimpleElementExample library are example0 and example1. These are good starting points for how to run SST, what to expect for output, and to get a sense of what a Component looks like.