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The BalarTestCPU component is a trace-based test CPU that is included inside balarMMIO to run simulations with CUDA API call traces and data collected from a real GPU. It works by consuming a trace file and associated CUDA memory copy data files. The cudaMemcpyH2D data payload is collected for program correctness. The cudaMemcpyD2H data is collected to validate computation.

BalarMMIO is responsible for relaying CUDA API requests from SST to GPGPU-Sim. Currently it supports running with CUDA traces without a real CPU model (with BalarTestCPU) or with a Vanadis core (under active development with limited support for MIPS32 and no support for RV64).

At a Glance

Source code: sst-elements/.../balar  
SST name: balar  
Maturity Level: Prototype (2)  
Development Path: Active  
Last Released: SST 13.1

Required dependencies

  • CUDA Version 10.1 is recommended
  • GPGPUSim A link to the GPGPUSim version can be found in balar's README.

Optional dependencies


Additional documentation

A detailed README on the balar element can be found in the balar source code.