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This page has not been reviewed recently to ensure that it is up-to-date with the latest SST specification. It is possible the information is out of date.

sst-register <Dependency Name> (<VAR>=<VALUE>)*

<Dependency Name> : Name of the Third Party Dependency
<VAR>=<VALUE> : Configuration variable and associated value to add to registry.
If <VAR>=<VALUE> pairs are not provided, the tool will attempt
to auto-register $PWD/include and $PWD/lib to the name

Example: sst-register DRAMSim CPPFLAGS="-I$PWD/include"

The command line utility, sst-register, is used to register an Element Library with the SST Core.


sst-register exC_carWash exC_carWash_LIBDIR=$(CURDIR)

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