SST V12.0.0 Release Notes

The changes in v12.0.0 of the Structure Simulation Toolkit (SST) are divided into three areas: general, PDES-core and integrated elements.


Deprecation and Removal Notices:

SST-Core (PDES-Core):



Known Issues (see open issues for repos):

Known incompatibilities:

Supported Version Information

Operating System / Compiler Combinations:

Release V12.0.0 (core and elements, including macro) has been built and tested with the following OS/compiler combinations.

External Components:

External components and the compatible version numbers are listed below. Other versions may work, but these have been tested with this release.

Elements not in release:

Although available from the devel and master branches, the following elements are not provided in this release:

Fixed Issues and Significant Code Changes (Pull Requests) in this Release: