SST Quick Start Guide for MacOS X using MacPorts

Building SST on MacOS X

To build SST on MacOS X, the following dependencies need to be installed.

  1. Xcode and command line tools (see release notes for tested/compatible versions)
  2. Python3.6+
  3. Automake and autoconf
  4. OpenMPI (optional but recommended)

Xcode and the command line tools should be installed via the Apple App Store. The remaining dependencies can be most easily acquired via a package manager such as MacPorts.

QuickStart Guide for Preparing a MacOS X Environment for SST Using MacPorts

NOTE: MacPorts provides ports of software packages that are constantly changing, these instructions are a description of the process for specific versions. These ports may have different names and versions in the future. When in doubt, refer to the SST release notes for compatible versions.

Note: Installing MacPorts may require require root/superuser privileges.

  1. Install Xcode and command line tools from the Apple.
    1. From a terminal, run xcode-select --install. Follow prompts to complete the installation.
  2. Install MacPorts
  3. Install the required dependencies via MacPorts.
[sudo] port install libtool automake autoconf python39 openmpi

The above commands will satisfy all the dependencies for a base install of SST. From here, configure and install SST as normal.