SST 11 Python Configuration Details

SST uses Python3 by default, if it is installed on the platform.

If you have both Python2 and Python3 installed on your machine and wish to use Python2, you must tell SST which python installation to use during SST Core configuration.

If multiple python versions are installed in the same directory, you must configure as follows:

./configure –-with-python=/usr/bin/python2-config

Here /usr/bin/ should be replaced with the path to python2-config on your machine. Note that the executable needs to be python2-config (or python-config) NOT python2 (or python).

If python2 is installed in its own directory, for example, /home/python2/bin/python2-config, you may alternately specify just the top level install directory, such as:

./configure –-with-python=/home/python2