SST v6.0.0 Released

SST v6.0.0 Release is Now Available and can be downloaded here!

The SST project teams are pleased to announce that the v6.0.0 of the simulation framework and components are now available for download here.

SST v6.0.0 is one of the most significant updates to the simulation framework since the project began and includes thousands of changes added to the core and elements to improve performance, scalability and simulation accuracy. The most significant of these are overhauled serialization support to reduce large-scale parallel simulation times and the introduction of C++11-based threading to allow for on-node parallel simulations. Further, the core and elements have been separated to allow for future releases to be more flexible and more easily upgradable. The independent SST-Core is also intended to allow for greater community collaboration around a high-performance parallel discrete event core.

The changes in v6.0.0 of the Structure Simulation Toolkit (SST) are divided into three areas: general, PDES-core and integrated elements.




SST Research and Product Teams

Sandia National Laboratories, USA