SST Core and Elements Build Process Has Changed in master Branch!

The soon to be released SST 6.0 contains significant changes to the file architecture and build process.

The architecture changes were being developed in the devel branch while the master branch remained stable using the older build process.

In preparation for the SST 6.0 Release, it has been necessary to merge the devel branch of SST-Core and SST-Elements into the master branch. This will affect all users that are using the old style build process.

New Build Architecture Process Summary:

Click here for instructions on how to build the new SST architecture

For users with existing copies of the master branch of the SST-Core and SST-Elements repos, the merge can be fairly complex. It is recommended that the user creates a fresh clone from master and merge their custom changes to the newly cloned repositories.

Contact SST Support for assistance regarding SST or the new Architecture.

SST Development Team

Sandia National Laboratories, USA