SST V14.0.0 Release Notes


Deprecation and Removal Notices




Fixed issues and significant code changes:


1085 add missing algorithm include to sstinfo

1082 Fix HDF5 statoutput

1081 Added some of the SImulation API to StatisticOutput base class

1078 Remove deprecated functions and classes

1075 Initial checkpointing support

1074 Disable fused floating-point operations with CLang

1073 Python fix

1072 fix ncurses check to validate the discovered library location

1071 Interactive SST-Info update

1064 Remove Python 2 testing infrastructure

1062 ncurses detection not working on macOS 14

1060 Fix Python 3.12 issues

1052 Update curses detection for Autotools and CMake

1048 Doxygen for UnitAlgebra exceptions

1045 Additional documentation for 6 files

1043 Use exceptions for UnitAlgebra errors

1041 Doxygen Documentation - Small Updates

1037 UnitAlgebra should raise exceptions rather than call abort.fatal

1035 Components having the same class name but in different libraries and elements cannot be loaded

1033 Add interactive SST-info

1032 Fixed some python issues

1029 Time fault

1027 Add SSTConfigVersion.cmake to allow cmake find_package with version

1026 Fix compile error when calling addDataNTimes

1024 Fix issue where python passed rounded UnitAlgebras through parameters

1021 Add interface for accessing CustomReq/Resp data

1020 Fix formatting in stdmem getString functions

1019 Time lord/time vortex discrepency in self created elements

1017 Fixed issue where command line arguments were not overriding options set in input file

1016 Help needed on memory allocation/release scheme for Events

1015 Floating point changes with newer XCode

1012 –print-timing-info does not print timing info when given a json file graph input

1002 Python 3.12 fixes needed

901 Component/SubComponent to MPI rank mappings

860 getTimeLord deprecation warning


2359 Fix compile warnings (multiple)

2357 cleanup various vanadis warnings (vanadis)

2353 Remove deprecated functions and classes (multiple)

2352 minor fixes to merlin,mercury,mask-mpi (multiple)

2350 testsuite_default_memHierarchy_memHA: convert RE to raw string, PR 2351 (memHierarchy)

2346 Modifying firefly parameters in the configuration file (firefly)

2341 Update futex wake to wake multiple waiters (vanadis)

2339 Python 3.12 fixes required (multiple)

2335 Checkpoint (vanadis)

2331 Checkpoint Vanadis (vanadis, memHierarchy)

2328 set simdoptwidth for ARIEL_START_INSTRUCTION to fix bug with stats (ariel)

2327 Ariel doesn’t count SIMD and scalar instructions properly (ariel)

2324 Weird behavior of EmberAlltoall(v)Motif (ember)

2323 Errors when running ember motifs (ember)

2319 simulation hanging (vanadis)

2315 memH: Fix bug in prefetch logic (memHierarchy)

2313 The control mechanism for the number of prefetch evetns in memHierarchy (variable outstandingPrefetches_) (memHierarchy)

2311 Iris: libfabric builds (iris)

2308 Mercury: fix warnings (mercury)

2306 Merlin python updates (merlin)

2304 Fix issue with mispelled parameter name in pyfirefly (firefly)

2302 Ember: add HotSpots motif (ember)

2300 Add to stats more efficiently in various turnClockOn() functions (memHierarchy)

2297 MemH: Fix a couple bugs in the MSI protocol (memHierarchy)

2293 Compilation error for src/sst/elements/firefly/ (firefly)

2287 Firefly: Module load failed - pointers for debugging (firefly)

2274 mask-mpi initial commit (mask-mpi)

2294 FIx use after free (ariel)

2291 decode rdcycle (vanadis)

2290 Fix rdma nic lib (rdmaNic)

2289 merlin: fix send queue handling in bridge (merlin)

2286 memH: Updates found when debugging bridge (memHierarchy)

2285 add RISCV suite (vanadis)

2282 Vanadis riscv tests (vanadis)

2280 RISCV tests suite fixes (vanadis)

2034 Using MMIO device with Vanadis (vanadis)


715 Additional fix for CXX containing flags

714 Make config more resilient to flags being included in CXX

712 Deprecation updates

707 fix segv when printing command line options, addresses issue #706