SST V13.1.0 Release Notes

Deprecation and Removal Notices




Fixed issues and significant code changes:


1017 Fixed issue where command line arguments were not overriding options set in input file

1010 String format specifiers for typedefs

1006 Fix for SST_ELI_DECLARE_NEW_BASE when BuilderInfo is a dependent name

1005 SST_ELI_DECLARE_NEW_BASE does not work if BuilderInfo is a dependent type in addDerivedInfo

993 Switch from tmpnam to mkstemp

991 Use mkstep instead of tmpnam in

989 Remove outdated Python 2/3 printing from

982 CMake update

981 Edge cases when unregistering elements

986 CMake test failures

985 Add typename to some uses of std::conditional

983 Fix filesystem operations when unregistering elements

977 Extended help

976 Update cmake-format-lint-action version

974 Allow generic debug flags

972 Compilation fails with GCC 13 standard library

970 Fix tests broken under CMake compilation

973 Add missing cstdint include for GCC 13

964 Fixes for cmake-format GitHub Action

963 Use and apply cmake-format

954 Remove last bits of Zoltan

955 Remove last bits of ParMETIS

943 Fixing issue with cmake builds due to latent add_subdirectory

949 Fix flag string for higher flag bits

948 Out-of-date Spack packages for sst-core and sst-elements

868 File sstpart.h exists twice

806 –enable-perf-tracking –enable-profile doesn’t compile

805 Additions to .gitignore

758 test-sst-core uses wrong Python on Ubuntu 20.04

736 Fix GCC-10 warnings

719 Cmake use variable to hold top-level source

716 Format cmake

357 Configuration should report incompatible gcc versions


2261 clean up uint types (gensa, memHierarchy)

2253 CramSim → cramSim (cramSim)

2250 Fix print format specifier warnings (multiple)

2248 Reorder pipeline (vanadis)

2244 memH: Fix LL/SC bug that allowed livelock (memHierarchy)

2243 Fix compile warnings and a typo in vanadis output message (vanadis)

2241 MemH livelock/deadlock bug (memHierarchy)

2239 Naming and Warning Cleaning (multiple)

2236 Vanadis: Define all params and fix test scripts to use current params (vanadis)

2234 Firefly: waitany will not return unless send/irecv counts match (firefly)

2233 Ember: extended available patterns in trafficgen motif (ember)

2232 fix warnings (rdmaNic)

2230 Fixed issue with calling OTF2 functions from Ember getting unresolved names (ember)

2225 Fixed issue with OTF2 Motif not building due to Ember changes (ember)

2219 memH: Fix issue when debug is enabled (memHierarchy)

2216 Fix for memNIC changes (memHierarchy)

2214 ember: fix null request bug and add constant degree option in tricount (ember)

2213 RDMA NIC (rdmaNic)

2211 Fix MemH MemRtrEvent memory leak (memHierarchy)

2210 Rdma NIC (rdmaNic)

2209 Vanadis (vanadis)

2208 Fix warnings in Samba (and SOME of the horrible formatting) (samba)

2207 Vanadis IO (vanadis)

2205 RDMA NIC (rdmaNic)

2203 Vanadis (vanadis)

2199 Samba → samba (samba)

2198 Messier → messier (messier)

2197 Fixed minor bugs in merlin (merlin)

2193 Add missing parameters to pyfirely (firefly)

2191 add new Vanadis test (vanadis)

2171 Add a simple test to mercury (mercury)

2166 Add L2 Prefetcher to BOOM Config (vanadis)

2165 MemH: FIx LL/SC to work with SMT (memHierarchy)

2163 Require nonnull request for isend in EmberMpiLib (ember)

2162 Firefly: Unexpected behavior for Isend with a null request pointer (firefly)

2161 Polarstar/polarfly serialization fix (merlin)

2159 vanadis model using kingsley (vanadis)

2158 Vanadis: Fix syscall to dead process (mjleven)

2146 Mem allocation test for vanadis (vanadis)

2144 Remove remaining parts of MacSim (cramSim, memHierarchy)

2141 Remove last bits of METIS (general)

2139 Vanadis: fix bug with JLR (vanadis)

2138 Remove last references to Boost (multiple)

2136 RDMA NIC fix for RISCV (rdmaNic)

2135 RDMA NIC: cleanup (rdmaNic)

2134 offset of MMIO device was wrong (vanadis)

2132 Polarity topos (merlin)

2129 Remove old config options for no-longer support elements (general)

2128 Link to documentation website (general)

2125 Vanadis: bug fixes (vanadis)

1893 Simulating Multi-threaded Program on Vanadis (vanadis)

1892 MMAP Syscall Implementation in Vanadis (vanadis)

1845 Missing switch default cases (firefly, hermes)

1749 Vanadis faults when running HPCG (vanadis)

1712 c_AddressHasher.hpp missing include (cramSim)

1677 Vanadis error in memcpy for simple rust program (vanadis)

1645 Python Modules Error with Intel 19 Compiler on Cray (merlin, ember)

1558 SST Elements compile with ‘-g’ but not ‘-g3’ or ‘-ggdb’ (general)

696 SST memory statistics producing only 0’s in output (memHierarchy)

616 Zero-latency links don’t give a warning or assertion error (general)

11 Trac: #242 Need WIKI component documentation for Merlin (merlin)


699 Remove build system references to Boost