SST  8.0.0
SST::ElementLibraryInfo Struct Reference

Describes all the parts of the Element Library. More...

#include <element.h>

Data Fields

const char * name
const char * description
struct ElementInfoComponentcomponents
struct ElementInfoEventevents
struct ElementInfoIntrospectorintrospectors
struct ElementInfoModulemodules
struct ElementInfoSubComponentsubcomponents
struct ElementInfoPartitionerpartitioners
genPythonModuleFunction pythonModuleGenerator
struct ElementInfoGeneratorgenerators

Detailed Description

Describes all the parts of the Element Library.

Field Documentation

struct ElementInfoComponent* SST::ElementLibraryInfo::components

List of Components contained in the library.

const char* SST::ElementLibraryInfo::description

Brief description of the Library

Referenced by SST::SSTInfoElement_LibraryInfo::getLibraryDescription().

struct ElementInfoEvent* SST::ElementLibraryInfo::events

List of Events exported by the library.

struct ElementInfoGenerator* SST::ElementLibraryInfo::generators

List of Generators provided by the library.

struct ElementInfoIntrospector* SST::ElementLibraryInfo::introspectors

List of Introspectors provided by the library.

struct ElementInfoModule* SST::ElementLibraryInfo::modules

List of Modules provided by the library.

const char* SST::ElementLibraryInfo::name

Name of the Library.

Referenced by SST::ElemLoader::loadCoreInfo().

struct ElementInfoPartitioner* SST::ElementLibraryInfo::partitioners

List of Partitioners provided by the library.

genPythonModuleFunction SST::ElementLibraryInfo::pythonModuleGenerator

Pointer to Function to generate a Python Module for use in Configurations

struct ElementInfoSubComponent* SST::ElementLibraryInfo::subcomponents

List of SubComponents provided by the library.

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