SST  7.0.0
SST::ElementInfoPartitioner Struct Reference

Describes a Partitioner. More...

#include <element.h>

Data Fields

const char * name
const char * description
void(* printHelp )(FILE *output)
partitionFunction func

Detailed Description

Describes a Partitioner.

Field Documentation

const char* SST::ElementInfoPartitioner::description

Brief description of the partitioner

partitionFunction SST::ElementInfoPartitioner::func

Function to be called to perform the paritioning

Referenced by SST::Factory::CreatePartitioner().

const char* SST::ElementInfoPartitioner::name

Name of the Partitioner

void(* SST::ElementInfoPartitioner::printHelp) (FILE *output)

Pointer to a function that will print additional documentation about the partitioner. (optional)

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