SST  7.0.0
SST::SubComponentSlotInfo Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for SST::SubComponentSlotInfo:

Public Member Functions

virtual const std::string & getSlotName () const =0
virtual bool isPopulated (int slot_num) const =0
virtual bool isAllPopulated () const =0
virtual int getMaxPopulatedSlotNumber () const =0
template<typename T >
T * create (int slot_num, Params &params) const
template<typename T >
void createAll (Params &params, std::vector< T * > &vec, bool insertNulls=true) const
template<typename T >
T * create (int slot_num) const
template<typename T >
void createAll (std::vector< T * > &vec, bool insertNulls=true) const

Protected Member Functions

virtual SubComponentprotected_create (int slot_num, Params &params) const =0

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