SST  7.0.0
SST::Config Class Reference

Class to contain SST Simulation Configuration variables. More...

#include <config.h>

Inheritance diagram for SST::Config:

Public Types

typedef bool(Config::* flagFunction) (void)
typedef bool(Config::* argFunction) (const std::string &arg)

Public Member Functions

 Config (RankInfo world_size)
 Create a new Config object. More...
int parseCmdLine (int argc, char *argv[])
 Parse command-line arguments to update configuration values.
bool setConfigEntryFromModel (const std::string &entryName, const std::string &value)
 Set a configuration string to update configuration values.
uint32_t getVerboseLevel ()
 Return the current Verbosity level.
bool printTimingInfo ()
 Print the SST core timing information.
void setStopAt (std::string stopAtStr)
 Set the cycle at which to stop the simulation.
void setTimeBase (std::string timeBase)
 Sets the default timebase of the simulation.
void Print ()
 Print the current configuration to stdout.
bool usage ()
bool printVersion ()
bool incrVerbose ()
bool setVerbosity (const std::string &arg)
bool disableSigHandlers ()
bool disableEnvConfig ()
bool enablePrintTiming ()
bool setConfigFile (const std::string &arg)
bool setDebugFile (const std::string &arg)
bool setLibPath (const std::string &arg)
bool addLibPath (const std::string &arg)
bool setRunMode (const std::string &arg)
bool setStopAt (const std::string &arg)
bool setStopAfter (const std::string &arg)
bool setHeartbeat (const std::string &arg)
bool setTimebase (const std::string &arg)
bool setPartitioner (const std::string &arg)
bool setGenerator (const std::string &arg)
bool setGeneratorOptions (const std::string &arg)
bool setOutputDir (const std::string &arg)
bool setWriteConfig (const std::string &arg)
bool setWriteDot (const std::string &arg)
bool setWriteXML (const std::string &arg)
bool setWriteJSON (const std::string &arg)
bool setWritePartition (const std::string &arg)
bool setOutputPrefix (const std::string &arg)
bool setModelOptions (const std::string &arg)
bool setNumThreads (const std::string &arg)
Simulation::Mode_t getRunMode ()
void print ()
 Print to stdout the current configuration.
std::string getLibPath (void) const
 Return the library search path.
uint32_t getNumRanks ()
uint32_t getNumThreads ()
uint32_t setNumThreads (uint32_t nthr)
void serialize_order (SST::Core::Serialization::serializer &ser) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SST::Core::Serialization::serializable
virtual const char * cls_name () const =0
virtual uint32_t cls_id () const =0
virtual std::string serialization_name () const =0

Data Fields

std::string debugFile
Simulation::Mode_t runMode
std::string configFile
std::string stopAtCycle
uint32_t stopAfterSec
std::string heartbeatPeriod
std::string timeBase
std::string partitioner
std::string generator
std::string generator_options
std::string output_config_graph
std::string output_dot
std::string output_xml
std::string output_json
std::string output_directory
std::string model_options
std::string dump_component_graph_file
std::string output_core_prefix
RankInfo world_size
uint32_t verbose
bool no_env_config
bool enable_sig_handling
bool print_timing

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from SST::Core::Serialization::serializable
enum  cxn_flag_t { ConstructorFlag }
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SST::Core::Serialization::serializable
static void serializable_abort (uint32_t line, const char *file, const char *func, const char *obj)

Detailed Description

Class to contain SST Simulation Configuration variables.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SST::Config::Config ( RankInfo  world_size)

Create a new Config object.

my_rank- parallel rank of this instance
world_size- number of parallel ranks in the simulation

Field Documentation

std::string SST::Config::configFile

Graph generation file

std::string SST::Config::debugFile

File to which debug information should be written

std::string SST::Config::dump_component_graph_file

File to dump component graph

bool SST::Config::enable_sig_handling

Enable signal handling

std::string SST::Config::generator

Generator to use

std::string SST::Config::generator_options

Options to pass to the generator

std::string SST::Config::heartbeatPeriod

Sets the heartbeat period for the simulation

std::string SST::Config::model_options

Options to pass to Python Model generator

bool SST::Config::no_env_config

Bypass compile-time environmental configuration

std::string SST::Config::output_config_graph

File to dump configuration graph

std::string SST::Config::output_core_prefix

Set the SST::Output prefix for the core

std::string SST::Config::output_directory

Output directory to dump all files to

std::string SST::Config::output_dot

File to dump dot output

std::string SST::Config::output_json

File to dump JSON output

std::string SST::Config::output_xml

File to dump XML output

std::string SST::Config::partitioner

Partitioner to use

bool SST::Config::print_timing

Print SST timing information

Simulation::Mode_t SST::Config::runMode

Run Mode (Init, Both, Run-only)

uint32_t SST::Config::stopAfterSec

When (wall-time) to stop the simulation

std::string SST::Config::stopAtCycle

When to stop the simulation

Referenced by SST::Simulation::setStopAtCycle().

std::string SST::Config::timeBase

Timebase of simulation

uint32_t SST::Config::verbose


RankInfo SST::Config::world_size

Number of ranks, threads which should be invoked per rank

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