SST  6.1.0
SST::ElementInfoParam Struct Reference

Describes Parameters to a Component. More...

#include <element.h>

Data Fields

const char * name
const char * description
const char * defaultValue

Detailed Description

Describes Parameters to a Component.

Field Documentation

const char* SST::ElementInfoParam::defaultValue

Default value (if any) NULL == required parameter with no default, "" == optional parameter, blank default, "foo" == default value

Referenced by SST::SSTInfoElement_ParamInfo::getDefault().

const char* SST::ElementInfoParam::description

Brief description of the parameter (ie, what it controls)

Referenced by SST::SSTInfoElement_ParamInfo::getDesc().

const char* SST::ElementInfoParam::name

Name of the parameter

Referenced by SST::SSTInfoElement_ParamInfo::getName().

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