SST  6.0.0
SST::SharedRegionImpl Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SST::SharedRegionImpl:

Public Member Functions

 SharedRegionImpl (SharedRegionManager *manager, size_t id, size_t size, RegionInfo *region)
bool isPublished () const
void setPublished ()
RegionInfogetRegion () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SST::SharedRegion
void shutdown ()
size_t getLocalShareID () const
size_t getSize () const
void publish ()
 Call to denote that you are done making any changes to this region.
bool isReady () const
void modifyRegion (size_t offset, size_t length, const void *data)
 Before the region has published, apply a modification. More...
template<typename T >
void modifyArray (size_t offset, const T &data)
void * getRawPtr ()
template<typename T >
getPtr () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SST::SharedRegion
 SharedRegion (SharedRegionManager *manager, size_t id, size_t size)

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