SST  6.0.0
SST::Config Class Reference

Class to contain SST Simulation Configuration variables. More...

#include <config.h>

Inheritance diagram for SST::Config:

Public Member Functions

 Config (RankInfo world_size)
 Create a new Config object. More...
int parseCmdLine (int argc, char *argv[])
 Parse command-line arguments to update configuration values.
int parseConfigFile (std::string config_string)
 Parse a configuration string to update configuration values.
uint32_t getVerboseLevel ()
 Return the current Verbosity level.
bool printTimingInfo ()
 Print the SST core timing information.
void setStopAt (std::string stopAtStr)
 Set the cycle at which to stop the simulation.
void setTimeBase (std::string timeBase)
 Sets the default timebase of the simulation.
void Print ()
 Print the current configuration to stdout.
Simulation::Mode_t setRunMode (std::string mode)
 Set the run-mode. More...
Simulation::Mode_t getRunMode ()
void print ()
 Print to stdout the current configuration.
std::string getLibPath (void) const
 Return the library search path.
uint32_t getNumRanks ()
uint32_t getNumThreads ()
uint32_t setNumThreads (uint32_t nthr)
void serialize_order (SST::Core::Serialization::serializer &ser)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SST::Core::Serialization::serializable
virtual const char * cls_name () const =0
virtual uint32_t cls_id () const =0

Data Fields

std::string debugFile
Simulation::Mode_t runMode
std::string sdlfile
std::string stopAtCycle
std::string heartbeatPeriod
std::string timeBase
std::string partitioner
std::string generator
std::string generator_options
std::string output_config_graph
std::string output_dot
std::string output_xml
std::string output_json
std::string output_directory
std::string model_options
std::string dump_component_graph_file
std::string output_core_prefix
RankInfo world_size
uint32_t verbose
bool no_env_config
bool enable_sig_handling
bool print_timing

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from SST::Core::Serialization::serializable
enum  cxn_flag_t { ConstructorFlag }
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SST::Core::Serialization::serializable
static void serializable_abort (uint32_t line, const char *file, const char *func, const char *obj)

Detailed Description

Class to contain SST Simulation Configuration variables.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SST::Config::Config ( RankInfo  world_size)

Create a new Config object.

my_rank- parallel rank of this instance
world_size- number of parallel ranks in the simulation

Member Function Documentation

Simulation::Mode_t SST::Config::setRunMode ( std::string  mode)

Set the run-mode.

mode- string "init" "run" "both"
the Mode_t corresponding

References SST::Simulation::BOTH, SST::Simulation::INIT, SST::Simulation::RUN, and SST::Simulation::UNKNOWN.

Field Documentation

std::string SST::Config::debugFile

File to which debug information should be written

std::string SST::Config::dump_component_graph_file

File to dump component graph

bool SST::Config::enable_sig_handling

Enable signal handling

std::string SST::Config::generator

Generator to use

std::string SST::Config::generator_options

Options to pass to the generator

std::string SST::Config::heartbeatPeriod

Sets the heartbeat period for the simulation

std::string SST::Config::model_options

Options to pass to Python Model generator

bool SST::Config::no_env_config

Bypass compile-time environmental configuration

std::string SST::Config::output_config_graph

File to dump configuration graph

std::string SST::Config::output_core_prefix

Set the SST::Output prefix for the core

std::string SST::Config::output_directory

Output directory to dump all files to

std::string SST::Config::output_dot

File to dump dot output

std::string SST::Config::output_json

File to dump JSON output

std::string SST::Config::output_xml

File to dump XML output

std::string SST::Config::partitioner

Partitioner to use

bool SST::Config::print_timing

Print SST timing information

Simulation::Mode_t SST::Config::runMode

Run Mode (Init, Both, Run-only)

std::string SST::Config::sdlfile

Graph generation file

std::string SST::Config::stopAtCycle

When to stop the simulation

Referenced by SST::Simulation::setStopAtCycle().

std::string SST::Config::timeBase

Timebase of simulation

uint32_t SST::Config::verbose


RankInfo SST::Config::world_size

Number of ranks, threads which should be invoked per rank

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