SST  13.0.0
SST::ThreadSyncDirectSkip Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ThreadSyncDirectSkip (int num_threads, int thread, Simulation_impl *sim)
 Create a new ThreadSync object. More...
void setMaxPeriod (TimeConverter *period)
void before () override
void after () override
void execute (void) override
void processLinkUntimedData () override
 Cause an exchange of Untimed Data to occur.
void finalizeLinkConfigurations () override
 Finish link configuration.
void prepareForComplete () override
SimTime_t getNextSyncTime () override
void registerLink (const std::string &UNUSED(name), Link *UNUSED(link)) override
 Register a Link which this Sync Object is responsible for.
ActivityQueueregisterRemoteLink (int UNUSED(id), const std::string &UNUSED(name), Link *UNUSED(link)) override
uint64_t getDataSize () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SST::ThreadSync
void setMaxPeriod (TimeConverter *period)
TimeConvertergetMaxPeriod ()
virtual void registerLink (const std::string &name, Link *link)=0
 Register a Link which this Sync Object is responsible for.
virtual ActivityQueueregisterRemoteLink (int tid, const std::string &name, Link *link)=0

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SST::ThreadSync
void finalizeConfiguration (Link *link)
void prepareForCompleteInt (Link *link)
void sendUntimedData_sync (Link *link, Event *data)
void setLinkDeliveryInfo (Link *link, uintptr_t info)
LinkgetDeliveryLink (Event *ev)
- Protected Attributes inherited from SST::ThreadSync
SimTime_t nextSyncTime

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ThreadSyncDirectSkip()

SST::ThreadSyncDirectSkip::ThreadSyncDirectSkip ( int  num_threads,
int  thread,
Simulation_impl sim 

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