SST  13.0.0
SST::Core::SSTXmlModelDefinition Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 SST_ELI_REGISTER_MODEL_DESCRIPTION (SST::Core::SSTXmlModelDefinition, "sst", "model.xml", SST_ELI_ELEMENT_VERSION(1, 0, 0), "XML model for building SST simulation graphs", false) SSTXmlModelDefinition(const std
ConfigGraphcreateConfigGraph () override
 Create the ConfigGraph. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from SST::SSTModelDescription
 SSTModelDescription (Config *cfg)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SST::SSTModelDescription
bool setOptionFromModel (const std::string &entryName, const std::string &value)
 Set a configuration string to update configuration values.
void setModelOptions (const std::string &options)
 Sets the model options field of the Config object. More...
void insertGlobalParameter (const std::string &set, const Params::key_type &key, const Params::key_type &value, bool overwrite=true)
 Allows ModelDefinition to set global parameters. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ createConfigGraph()

ConfigGraph* SST::Core::SSTXmlModelDefinition::createConfigGraph ( )

Create the ConfigGraph.

This function should be overridden by subclasses.

This function is responsible for reading any configuration files and generating a ConfigGraph object.

Implements SST::SSTModelDescription.

References SST::Core::SSTPythonModelDefinition::createConfigGraph().

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