SST 12.1.0
Structural Simulation Toolkit
SST::ThreadSync Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for SST::ThreadSync:
SST::EmptyThreadSync SST::ThreadSyncDirectSkip SST::ThreadSyncSimpleSkip

Public Member Functions

virtual void before ()=0
virtual void after ()=0
virtual void execute ()=0
virtual void processLinkUntimedData ()=0
virtual void finalizeLinkConfigurations ()=0
virtual void prepareForComplete ()=0
virtual SimTime_t getNextSyncTime ()
void setMaxPeriod (TimeConverter *period)
TimeConvertergetMaxPeriod ()
virtual void registerLink (const std::string &name, Link *link)=0
 Register a Link which this Sync Object is responsible for. More...
virtual ActivityQueueregisterRemoteLink (int tid, const std::string &name, Link *link)=0

Protected Member Functions

void finalizeConfiguration (Link *link)
void prepareForCompleteInt (Link *link)
void sendUntimedData_sync (Link *link, Event *data)
void setLinkDeliveryInfo (Link *link, uintptr_t info)
LinkgetDeliveryLink (Event *ev)

Protected Attributes

SimTime_t nextSyncTime

Member Function Documentation

◆ finalizeLinkConfigurations()

virtual void SST::ThreadSync::finalizeLinkConfigurations ( )
pure virtual

◆ processLinkUntimedData()

virtual void SST::ThreadSync::processLinkUntimedData ( )
pure virtual

◆ registerLink()

virtual void SST::ThreadSync::registerLink ( const std::string &  name,
Link link 
pure virtual

Register a Link which this Sync Object is responsible for.

Implemented in SST::ThreadSyncSimpleSkip.

Referenced by SST::SyncManager::registerLink().

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