SST 12.1.0
Structural Simulation Toolkit
SST::SSTHandlerBaseProfile Class Reference

Functor classes for Event handling. More...

#include <ssthandler.h>

Inheritance diagram for SST::SSTHandlerBaseProfile:
SST::SSTHandlerBase< returnT, argT > SST::SSTHandlerBase< void, argT > SST::SSTHandlerBaseNoArgs< returnT > SST::SSTHandlerBaseNoArgs< void > SST::SSTHandler< returnT, argT, classT, dataT > SST::SSTHandler< returnT, argT, classT, void > SST::SSTHandlerNoArgs< returnT, classT, dataT > SST::SSTHandlerNoArgs< returnT, classT, void >

Data Structures

class  HandlerProfileToolList

Public Member Functions

void addProfileTool (HandlerProfileToolAPI *tool, const HandlerMetaData &mdata)
void transferProfilingInfo (SSTHandlerBaseProfile *handler)
HandlerId_t getId ()
 Get the ID for this Handler. More...

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Functor classes for Event handling.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getId()

HandlerId_t SST::SSTHandlerBaseProfile::getId ( )

Get the ID for this Handler.

Handler IDs are only used for profiling, so if this function is called, it will also set things up to accept ProfileTools.

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