SST 12.1.0
Structural Simulation Toolkit
SST::Profile::SyncProfileToolTimeSteady Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SST::Profile::SyncProfileToolTimeSteady:
SST::Profile::SyncProfileToolTime< std::chrono::steady_clock > SST::Profile::SyncProfileTool SST::Profile::ProfileTool

Public Member Functions

 SST_ELI_REGISTER_PROFILETOOL (SyncProfileToolTimeSteady, SST::Profile::SyncProfileTool, "sst", "profile.sync.time.steady", SST_ELI_ELEMENT_VERSION(0, 1, 0), "Profiler that will time handlers using a steady clock") SyncProfileToolTimeSteady(const std
- Public Member Functions inherited from SST::Profile::SyncProfileToolTime< std::chrono::steady_clock >
 SyncProfileToolTime (const std::string &name, Params &params)
void syncManagerStart () override
void syncManagerEnd () override
void outputData (FILE *fp) override
virtual SST_ELI_DOCUMENT_PARAMS() SyncProfileTool(const std void syncManagerStart ()
virtual void syncManagerEnd ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SST::Profile::ProfileTool
std::string getName ()
virtual void outputData (FILE *fp)=0

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from SST::Profile::ProfileTool
const std::string name

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