SST  11.1.0
SST::IMPL::TimeVortexPQ_ts Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SST::IMPL::TimeVortexPQ_ts:
SST::IMPL::TimeVortexPQBase< true > SST::TimeVortex SST::ActivityQueue

Public Member Functions

 SST_ELI_REGISTER_DERIVED (TimeVortex, TimeVortexPQ_ts,"sst","timevortex.priority_queue.ts", SST_ELI_ELEMENT_VERSION(1, 0, 0),"Thread safe verion of TimeVortex based on std::priority_queue. Do not reference this element directly, just specify sst.timevortex.priority_queue and this version will be selected when it is needed based on other parameters.") TimeVortexPQ_ts(Params &params)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SST::IMPL::TimeVortexPQBase< true >
 TimeVortexPQBase (Params &params)
bool empty () override
 Returns true if the queue is empty.
int size () override
 Returns the number of activities in the queue.
void insert (Activity *activity) override
 Insert a new activity into the queue.
Activitypop () override
 Remove and return the next activity.
Activityfront () override
 Returns the next activity.
void print (Output &out) const override
 Print the state of the TimeVortex.
uint64_t getCurrentDepth () const override
uint64_t getMaxDepth () const override

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from SST::TimeVortex
uint64_t max_depth

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