SST  11.0.0
SST::Experimental::Interfaces::StandardMem::Request Class Referenceabstract

Base class for StandardMem commands. More...

#include <stdMem.h>

Inheritance diagram for SST::Experimental::Interfaces::StandardMem::Request:
SST::Experimental::Interfaces::StandardMem::CustomReq SST::Experimental::Interfaces::StandardMem::CustomResp SST::Experimental::Interfaces::StandardMem::FlushAddr SST::Experimental::Interfaces::StandardMem::FlushResp SST::Experimental::Interfaces::StandardMem::InvNotify SST::Experimental::Interfaces::StandardMem::LoadLink SST::Experimental::Interfaces::StandardMem::MoveData SST::Experimental::Interfaces::StandardMem::Read SST::Experimental::Interfaces::StandardMem::ReadLock SST::Experimental::Interfaces::StandardMem::ReadResp SST::Experimental::Interfaces::StandardMem::StoreConditional SST::Experimental::Interfaces::StandardMem::Write SST::Experimental::Interfaces::StandardMem::WriteResp SST::Experimental::Interfaces::StandardMem::WriteUnlock

Public Types

enum  Flag { F_NONCACHEABLE = 1<<1, F_SUCCESS = 1<<2, F_TRACE = 1<<3, F_RESERVED = 1 << 16 }
 Flags that modify requests. More...
typedef uint64_t id_t
typedef uint32_t flags_t

Public Member Functions

 Request (flags_t fl=0)
 Request (id_t rid, flags_t flags=0)
id_t getID ()
virtual RequestmakeResponse ()=0
virtual bool needsResponse ()=0
virtual SST::Eventconvert (RequestConverter *converter)=0
virtual void handle (RequestHandler *handler)=0
void setNoncacheable ()
void unsetNoncacheable ()
bool getNoncacheable ()
void setSuccess ()
void unsetSuccess ()
bool getSuccess ()
void setTrace ()
void unsetTrace ()
bool getTrace ()
void setFlag (flags_t flag)
void setFlag (Flag flag)
void unsetFlag (flags_t flag)
void unsetFlag (Flag flag)
bool getFlag (flags_t flag)
bool getFlag (Flag flag)
void clearAllFlags ()
flags_t getAllFlags ()

Protected Attributes

id_t id
flags_t flags

Detailed Description

Base class for StandardMem commands.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Flags that modify requests.

Each bit in a 32-bit field (flags_t) defines a seperate flag. Values less than F_RESERVED are reserved for futgure expansion. Users may define custom flags above F_RESERVED

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