SST  10.1.0
SST::SharedRegionManagerImpl Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SST::SharedRegionManagerImpl:

Public Member Functions

virtual SharedRegiongetLocalSharedRegion (const std::string &key, size_t size, uint8_t initByte=0) override
virtual SharedRegiongetGlobalSharedRegion (const std::string &key, size_t size, SharedRegionMerger *merger=nullptr, uint8_t initByte=0) override
virtual void publishRegion (SharedRegion *) override
virtual bool isRegionReady (const SharedRegion *) override
virtual void shutdownSharedRegion (SharedRegion *) override
void updateState (bool finalize) override

Protected Member Functions

void modifyRegion (SharedRegion *sr, size_t offset, size_t length, const void *data) override
void * getMemory (SharedRegion *sr) override
const void * getConstPtr (const SharedRegion *sr) const override

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