Balar Element Library

Balar is a detailed GPU model based on GPGPU-Sim.


This component was developed in collaboration with researchers at Purdue University.

Balar models GPUs based on the PTX virtual ISA. It requires the Ariel processor component to drive the host but is otherwise amenable to any network and memory configuration.

Functional correctness and performance validation was carried out assuming an Nvidia Volta-like GPU model. The functional correctness was validated using the unit tests from the Kokkos Kernels suite. Performance was correlated using the vectorAdd and LU kernels and the LULESH mini-app. Cycle counts for all of the kernels in each application were compared against an Nvidia V100 in Sandia National Laboratories’ Waterman testbed. Error in cycle counts ranged from 4.48% to 22.48%, which is as good as or better than has been reported by other GPGPU simulators.


See the examples in tests in addition to the description of the parameters of Balar.